Ecoute 2

for iOS

Highlight your music

Simple & Beautiful

Ecoute was designed in order to be easy to use in any circumstances. We focused on artworks for the main view so you can make your choice more easily. Any item handles a long-press action and brings cool options to facilitate your navigation. Quickly jump on the now playing artist or album and select an other song you wish to listen next. We also rebuilt the standard iOS navigation system from the ground up so you can quickly select / go back while a transition occurs. Moreover, as Ecoute doesn’t need any pull-to-refresh, we decided to use the same principle for the search. Just pull down the current list and the search bar will appear in the coolest way ever.


Ecoute is based on the default music app core. Everything is supported, such as Equalizer, Sound Check, and iTunes Match. Have a better control over your music library by maintaining your finger on any item in order to quickly play/shuffle it, or even ‘view all’ if it’s an artist/composer/genre. Moreover, Ecoute adds cool features like “play next” and shuffle mode “by albums”.


AirPlay is an awesome feature introduced by Apple many years ago. We all dreamed about the ability to wirelessly stream our music/video to any connected devices such as a TV or speakers. Today, AirPlay is being used by many people, and we couldn’t ignore it, so we integrated it right into Ecoute.


Filters are so important, some people like to browse their library by Genres, while Classical music lovers like to do it by Composers. Most of us just use the Artists/Albums filter. And we sometimes use them for Audiobooks or Podcasts. We support all those filters, including playlists and songs, but we made it simply cool and not annoying. A simple touch on ‘Filters’, and you’ll be amazed.


There’s an app for that, but we decided to support Podcasts in Ecoute because we deeply think that some people are using them occasionally and that they don’t need a specific app for that. If you’re a music lover, but sometimes want to listen to your podcasts, then Ecoute is the app you need. is a great service for sharing your music tastes to your friends or anyone in the world. We already integrated ‘now playing’ updates in the first version of Ecoute, and we tried to implement a simple scrobbler. With iOS 7, things are getting simpler! Ecoute is now able to scrobble your tracks in background and also sends now playing updates if needed. We also thought about our iOS 6 users, and we made Ecoute able to scrobble tracks when the app becomes active.

Night Mode

iOS 7 changed the way people uses their app, and it also changed the way apps are made. Like many other apps, we used the white color as a dominant one. But as you may know, Ecoute is also intended to be used in a car, and even with the lowest brightness ever it can bother you while driving. That’s why we designed a night mode for Ecoute which is triggered automatically depending on the brightness of your screen! Moreover, we decided that the user should be able to decide when to use this night mode. That’s why you can adjust the minimum brightness value required to trigger the night mode in Ecoute, or even turn it on forever.